A GUI for editing and testing GraphQL queries and mutations

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Keywords GraphQL data databases GitHub API development
License MIT
Downloads GraphiQL-0.7.0.dmg graphiql-app-0.7.0-x86_64.AppImage graphiql-app-setup-0.7.0.exe latest-linux.yml latest-mac.json latest-mac.yml latest.yml
Latest Release 0.7.0 (v0.7.0)
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A light, Electron-based wrapper around GraphiQL.

Provides a tabbed interface for editing and testing GraphQL queries/mutations with GraphiQL.


If you have Homebrew installed on macOS:

brew cask install graphiql

Alternately, download the binary from the Releases tab.

Getting started developing

  • Branch and/or clone the repo locally.
  • cd into it
  • install all the require packages: npm i
  • build the project: npm run build
  • start the project: npm start

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