Generates a running clock counting down to the second of one's death.

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The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is a cross-platform desktop application that uses user demographic information, health metrics, and the World Population API to generate a running clock counting down to the estimated second of one's death.

The application logic is written in JavaScript and rendered with the Electron framework.

launch screen

Start Timer

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To get the application up and running locally on your machine, you'll need to have the following installed on your system:

Then follow these steps:

  1. Fork and clone the repo onto your machine
  2. cd into the project folder and run npm install to download the required dependencies.
  3. With grunt running, run npm start

Clock Example:

clock screen

Built With

  • Electron - Open-source framework for building desktop applications
  • AngularJS - Javascript Framework
  • JavaScript
  • Chart.js - HTML5 based JavaScript charts
  • Moment.js - JavaScript tool for manipulating dates and times
  • Bulma - Open source CSS framework based on Flexbox
  • Sass


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