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Category Finance
Keywords calculator math arithmetic calculation
License MIT
Downloads linux_armv7l.zip linux_ia32.zip linux_x64.zip mac_x64.zip win32_ia32.zip win32_x64.zip
Latest Release elcalc 3.0 (3.0)
Release Notes

elcalc 3.0

This release is focused on Performance Issues.

win32_x64.zip contains Windows x64 Release

win32_ia32.zip contains Windows x32 Release

linux_x64.zip contains Linux x64 Release

linux_ia32.zip contains Linux x32 Release

linux_armv7l.zip contains Linux armv7l Release

mac_x64.zip contains Mac x64 Release

Please note, that Mac release may not be working correctly!

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Simple, Cross-Platform Calculator Made with Electron!


Main Features

  • Simple, Beautiful Interface
  • Clean & Well Commented Code
  • Cross Platform (Windows, Mac & Linux)


# Install dependencies

 $ npm install

# Run the app

 $ npm start

# Build for all platforms

 $ npm run build

# Build for one platform ( win / osx / linux ), example for Windows:

 $ npm run win


You can download the latest, official releases HERE.

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