Custom shortcut for your PC on your phone.

Category Productivity
Keywords shortcut macro remote deck
Downloads Deckboard-Setup-0.8.8.exe Deckboard-Setup-0.8.8.exe.blockmap latest.yml
Latest Release Version 0.8.8 (v0.8.8)
Release Notes

New Features

  • Add default color for each shortcut category
  • OBS Studio control (switch scenes and toggle source)
  • obs-websocket plugin required


  • Fix unrecorded F1-F2 keys in keyboard macro category


Custom shortcut for your PC on your phone.

alt text

Macros Included

  • Keyboard macro
  • Multimedia control
  • Open Folder
  • Open Website
  • Run Program

Future Update

  • OBS control

Privacy Policy

The application Deckboard (Android), hereby defined as the app, requests the following potentially sensitive data:

  • android.permission.CAMERA

This potentially sensitive data is not transmitted over the internet, and is not stored by the app. It is not handled by any system other than the device the app is installed on.

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