Container PS

This little app help you to manage your Docker containers

Container PS

This little app for OSX help you to manager your Docker containers. It uses shell commands using the Node.js child_process exec module.

You can see the list of all your containers, whether they are active or not. Screenshot

With the light Theme. Screenshot

  • The full circle indicates that the container is active.
  • The empty circle indicates that it is inactive.
  • And the round with a full wave indicates that the container is restarting.

Screenshot When hovering over a container, you will have additional information about it, as well as buttons to turn it on, off, restart or delete it.


Since exec from child_process doesn't work in asar archive, I can't make a release for the moment :/ If you have a solution for this, feel free to contribute!

Launch in shell

    yarn && yarn start

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