Tool that syncs Canvas files to your local machine

Canvas File Sync

When using Canvas, I found that constantly downloading new files, updated files and then organizing those files was a huge pain. This program aims to work by having Google Drive like functionality with Canvas so that you never have to worry about being up to date or how you have organized things, because they will be organized on your computer just as they are organized on Canvas.

Canvas File Sync Site

Running this code

Clone this repository and run npm i. Once it's done installing the modules, run npm run start

Getting Started

CFS uses a user generated token to authorize itself to download files on your behalf. To get this token you need to login to Canvas.

Once logged in, click on your icon.

alt text

Click on settings

alt text

Scroll down to this section and click New Token

alt text

Write a small purpose(doesn't matter what it says) and click Generate Token

alt text

Copy the following highlighted token(don't share it with anyone)

alt text

Installing CFS

Installing CFS should behave as any normal program and following it's installation you should see the following logo in your top menubar on Mac and bottom tray on Windows.

alt text

Click the icon then click Connect

Fill out the form when this screen appears.

alt text

The School field is what appears before in your browser when you are logged into Canvas.

The Developer Key is what you just copied.

The Sync Directory is where you would like your course files to be synced.

After clicking Sync, check the folder you chose and your files should be there.


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