Browser prompter for macOS.

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Keywords browsers utility macos
License MIT
Downloads Browserosaurus-2.0.0.dmg
Latest Release v2.0.0 (v2.0.0)
Release Notes
  • Unified look between picker and preferences windows.

  • Removed about-window package and created bespoke About tab in preferences window (use menubar icon's menu to find preferences).

  • About tab in preferences also now includes an update checker. If an update is found, a button will show that when clicked directs you to the latest release page on GitHub.

  • The code has been restructured, tidied, and inline documentation improved. In other words: a near complete rewrite!



Browserosaurus is an open-source (MIT license), Electron-based browser prompter for macOS. It works by setting itself as the default browser; any clicked links in non-browser apps are now sent to Browserosaurus where it’ll present you with a menu of all your installed browsers. You may now decide which browser you’d like to continue opening the link with.


Get repo:

git clone

Move to folder:

cd browserosaurus

Install dependencies:

yarn install

Run Browserosaurus in dev mode:

yarn start

Package and make installer:

yarn make

Browser logos

Make icon.icns

To build an icns file from src/images/icon/icon.png, simply run yarn run icns.

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