Advanced REST Client

REST client application for developers

Advanced Rest Client Application

Welcome to the ARC's project repository. Please, read .github/ and files for more information.


You are welcome to contribute to the project. To start developing use following instructions.

I assume you have Node.js already installed on your machine.

Start with forking the repository and getting the code

git clone[your username]/arc-electron.git

If you're not planing to contribute (you will not send a pull request) you can clone this repository:

git clone

When ready go to the directory:

cd arc-electron

Then install dependencies:

npm install && npm run bower

Take a coffee break. It will take a while... You can also install gifi, a wrapper for npm install that will display a random gif while waiting for npm:

When all dependencies are finally installed run

npm start

New application window is now opened.

Thanks for testing and don't forget to file an issue report if you find a bug. You are also welcome to send a pull request with bug fixes. Please, read .github/ file first.

App design docs for developers

Please, read wiki in this repository.

Making a HTTP request Making a HTTP request
Authorizing with OAuth2 endpoint Authorizing with OAuth2 endpoint
Session management via cookies Session management via cookies
Local and system variables Local and system variables
Automation with request actions Automation with request actions
Google Drive integration Google Drive integration

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